#TrailerTalk – Bucket List

Madhuri Dixit finally makes her debut in Marathi cinema. The trailer of her next film, Bucket List is out today. It opens with a woman (Dixit) asking, “Do you know what a bucket list is?” and is simply answered by her daughter who says “Bucket list is my identity. Without it, my life has not purpose” … and this sets the tone for the film (well trailer, for now).

Dixit plays a mother, Madhura Sane, who is a heart recipient and on the road to full recovery. This takes her to the home and life of her heart donor Sai, a young girl who couldn’t live long enough to check off items on her bucket list. Thus begins Madhura’s journey living vicariously through Sai’s list and experiencing a roller-coaster ride to self-discovery.

Watch the trailer here:
PS. There’s a sweet surprise at the end!

Trailer Rating: 4 Popcorns
Dixit’s charm is endearing and seeing Renuka Shahane share screen-space after 23 years is so nostalgic.

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