#TrailerTalk – Deadpool 2 (Hindi)

Ranveer Singh announced the trailer launch of the Hindi version of Deadpool 2 today.

How is he a part of the franchise? Singh has voiced the superhero for the Indian audience and there are some mixed reviews and reactions.

The trailer, just like any other Marvel movie, is action-packed with tons of graphics and glimpses of their new project to save the world. Now, it’s no surprise that Deadpool is unlike any other superhero – he’s crass, physically flawed, and has a very twisted sense of humor.

Singh has certainly matched the superhero’s characteristics and personality along with his own trademark of high energy and wit. But something seems amiss as soon as the trailer begins. While the trailer includes some Hindi slangs and dialogues relevant to India to make it more relatable to the audience, it lacks the punch required to make an impact. It kinda falls flat midway through the trailer and we’re forced to view the lead as the real Ranveer Singh, and not the Deadpool character.

You can watch the complete trailer here and share your thoughts:

Trailer Rating: 3.5 Popcorns
Ranveer Singh has another feather in his cap and is making the most of all the new opportunities. His efforts deserves his own brand of superhero!

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