#AdAnalysis – ‘Cadbury’ celebrates another year of Rakhi; You had me at “jagraate waali”

Cadbury chocolates have successfully positioned itself with celebrations in India.

Kuch meetha ho jaye is not just something we casually say anymore. It’s synonymous with Cadbury!

Be it for festivals, special occasions or simply a dessert after a family dinner, Cadbury chocolates are a go-to for people of all ages. One holiday that is incomplete without the mention of the brand is Rakhi.

Every year there are tons of brands that release campaigns with exaggerated messages, tag lines and hashtags, while Cadbury keeps it simple.

This year too they launched a Rakhi commercial few weeks before the festival, doing what it does best – celebrating a sweet and quite realistic brother-sister relationship.

The ad is about a brother who’s rushing for cricket practice early in the morning, and his older sister who has prepped everything to celebrate the festival accommodating his schedule.

There’s no over-the-top drama, no shpiel about the brother’s duty to “protect” his sister… it’s just a simple banter between siblings. What works is the candid celebratory ceremony and the subtle display of responsibility and respect.

The little brother buys a rakhi present [Cadbury Celebrations Gift Pack] with the money he saved for a new bat, to which his sister happily gives her blessings to play cricket like a champ.

Oh and don’t miss that rakhi!

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