#Shorts – ‘Aunty Ji’ is a precious story about courage

Aunty Ji is a heart-warming short-film about two women who become unlikely companions on an important day in their lives.

Geetika (Anmol Rodriguez) is a young girl on the way to her new job, who stops by a pharmacy to get change for the cab ride. She runs into Parveen (or “aunty ji” played by Shabana Azmi) who happily lends her the money with the suggestion to return it later; she too has a big day planned for herself.

This is when the film begins highlighting the discriminatory mindset that is culturally deep-rooted in our society.

Geetika is a confident and qualified professional, but is merely seen as an acid attack survivor by her peers and the management. On the other hand, Parveen is an old Parsi widow who is also discriminated against due to her age for wanting a tattoo.

They both endure the day burdened with the infamous log kya kehenge syndrome, only to realize that  they are responsible for their dreams and happiness. Aunty Ji is a simple film about courage and the will to chase your aspirations, however big or small.

Though some sequences and reactions in Geetika’s office seem unrealistic, they are presumably a reflection of the insensitive community we live in.

Watch the film here:

Rating   [4 / 5]

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